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Interior colored plaster

Posted on February 11, 2013 at 2:37 PM
Interior colored plaster comes in many variations from glazier smooth to old hand crafted textures.  One can say it is only limited by one's imagination.  Specific care and attention has to be taken when applying colored plaster to wet areas, ie, showers and bathrooms, etc.  Not all plaster materials react or perform in the same locations.  The most common term used for interior plaster is Venetian.  There are many variations to Venetian plaster and not all perform the same, so be careful of the product you choose.  The look/ appearance that one can achieve with colored plaster is unique to the technique of the applicator.  You can have two applicators applying the same material from the same container and end up with totally different results.  Colored plaster has been quite popular in Europe for centuries: it has a unique look and feel.  One of the many beauties of colored plaster is the fact that in the right hands, one can take a new building and make it look a century old.  People who like old world colored plaster seem to be more connected with the old European architectures.  I am also guilty of this.  Colored/Venetian plaster seems to be more popular on the exterior as it is on the interior.  The choices as I have said, are limited only to one's imagination.  I don't know exactly how many thousands of square feet of colored plaster/stucco we have applied over the decades of being in the business, but I do know this, each project is unique unto itself.  Unique is always appreciated by independent thinkers.  If choosing to do a natural, colored/Venetian plaster finish, please remember that the product you choose is just as important as the skilled applicator you choose to apply it.  The product one chooses to use depends on where it is going to be applied.  What works wonderful in a dinning /living room may not perform as well in a bathroom or kitchen.  Choose your product based on performance and not on cost.  Less expensive colored/Venetian plaster perform just fine in areas that are not subject to high moistures. 

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